CONTECS - Converging Technologies 

...  and their Impact on the Social Sciences and Humanities 

The CONTECS project

 Final Report
"A possible agenda for the social sciences and humanities
in the ligth of the convergence development"


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The acronym CONTECS stands for CONverging TEChnologies - and their impact on the Social sciences and humanities. 

CONTECS addresses the potential roles that the social sciences and humanities (SSH) can play with regard to phenomenon of technological convergence (between Nano-, Bio-, Information technologies, Cognitive sciences and Social sciences and Humanities), its shaping and ethical and societal implications.

In an integrated and systemic approach the project explores the major ethical and societal questions raised by technological development in the field of converging technologies (CT) and the ways in which these can be addressed by the Social Sciences and Humanities. In the context of imminent transformations to a European knowledge-based society, these questions present key opportunities and challenges which the research community needs to be prepared to face. This activity will build on a continuous review and monitoring of technological developments in the CTs and relevant global RTD policy trends, at the same time analysing their possible implications for contributions by the SSH.

The project will further analyse how and to what extent the SSH can contribute to the shaping of science and technology. The final aim is to raise awareness of Converging Technology issues throughout the SSH community and to develop options for a research agenda to be implemented in the SSH priority of 7th Framework Program. The emergence of the knowledge-based society will entail new forms of relationships between its citizens, on one hand, and between its citizens and institutions, on the other. The project aims to mobilise European research capacities in SSH that are necessary to develop an understanding of, and to address issues related to, this critical phenomenon.